Transition North Oakland Collective Vision

This came out of a group visioning exercise on May 12, 2011. We imagined ourselves transported to 2030, looking around at the world as it is, and reminiscing about how we arrived in the society we had created.

When people are working, playing, and learning closer to where they
live, they have more time for and interest in interacting with others,
so much of Transition North Oakland’s post-Transition vision was about
how people would relate to one another.

More social interaction would take place outdoors; people would trust
their neighbors and know them by name.  People would be living
together in intergenerational, heterogeneous, impermanent groups, so
there would be less concern about privacy and no “homeless problem” at
all since homesteading (“squatting”) would be a respectable, viable
option, and many would lead a mobile lifestyle by choice.  There would
be less emphasis on ownership and competition and more emphasis on
collaboration and interdependence.

Concurrent with the above, there will have been dramatic changes in
the landscape.  The already-present kitchen, backyard, and Community
gardens would be supplemented by Community-held grain fields where
parking lots used to be.  The focus on city repair and the demise of
the car culture would have left very little pavement behind; where the
streets used to be would be bicycle and pedestrian paths, and there
would be space for orchards between these paths and the shops or
residences.  High-rise buildings would have been retrofitted for mixed
residential, agricultural, and recreational use. We’d be using rainwater,
harvested efficiently, and wearing old clothing and shoes produced in
the Industrial Era.

Each of these aspects, the social and the physical, is both a
prerequisite for the other and the result of the other, so there is
room for everyone to be valued for the niche that they fill since a
multi-faceted approach will be needed to actualize this vision.

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